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Plans & Objectives

An interview with Mr. Abd El aziz Osman.
General Manager - Sudan Telecom Company LTD (Sudatel)

Would you provide a general overview of Sudatel? What's your scope of business and what are your plans for the Company?

Sudatel is a public corporation, a stock corporation, with capital of USD 250 million. its goal is basically to build and operate a telecommunications netwok in the Sudan, we are going to build a fully utilized information gateway and structural network in various towns of Sudan.

Our emphasis now is rural communication, because the majority of the Sudan is composed of rural areas. We have about 64 towns that will be connected either by separate stations or by cables ; then we will launch a rural network around each of these towns so as to cover most of the Sudan. For the rest of the Country, we will need a large rural communications network to link the whole country.

Sudan has a poor image worldwide ; why would an investor choose to come to the Sudan?

Opportunity is here. Our Company, even though it is young, is doing well. Our return on investment was 8 percent growth the first year, 11 percent in the second year, , and in 1996 it was about 14 percent . That will no doubt increase , So, I think ther is good opportunity for investment despite the unrest in the South.

How have you been able to go so far so fast? Are you a monopoly?

We have a monopoly on the national gateways by special agreement . We had to invest first in some of the gateways, and that's is what we did, but we don't have a monopoly in the national telecommunications . We do have the infrastructure, however, including the backbone and the satellite, and we are ready to welcome any knid of investments that will use our backbone and our network.

Has the Sudan government been easy to work with, or have you found the government and its investment policies challenging?

Sudan's economy is undergoing a privatization scheme and implementing a market economy, so we find these two factors are making things easier. The Government is opening the market and increasing investors in all sectors of the economy.

Obviously you've been very successful what advicewould you give investors who are interested in doing business in this country?

They have to be confident and take the initiative and trust in the market - oriented environment. Sudan has a lot of potential. I believe there are many chances to invets and I invite all investors to think about investing in Sudan - from telecommunications to tourism, to constructions - there are many chances available now. The environment is ripe for investments.

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