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The Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan
at South Africa


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Human Rights in Sudan

Sudan Froeign Policy



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Site contents

  1. Country Profile: Perspective of; History, Location, Land, Area, Geography , etc.
  2. Political issues: Sudan's constitution, The political charter to solve Southern Sudan Problem, Khrtoum peace Agreement, Fash0da peace agreement, the Political Association law (Al- Tawali Law), Regst. Political Parties, etc.
  3. Peace Process: Southern Sudan Problem ( preview), the dialogue conference on peace issues, Peace negotiations rounds ( Aboja to Niarobi)
  4. Human rights in Sudan: Preview, Sudan and H.rights Int. charters, Sudan steps to protect human rights issues.
  5. Sudan Foreign Policy: Principles and aims, Organizational membership, Sudan and Africa, Refugees, life - line operation
  6. Economy : Preview, investment encourage act (1996), investment opportunities, Economic salvation Conference 1990, National strategy.
  7. Tourism: Attractive areas, Vistor Guide.
  8. Latest News: Sudan daily News, Press releases and statements, Ext. Rel. Misnistry's press releases, news achieved, list of Newspapers and Magazines addresses in Sudan.
  9. Consulate Affairs: Visitor guide, Visas requirements, etc.
  10. Business Directory: Sudan Export, Import and trading Companies.