The Objective of this site is to provide information about Sudan today and to create business links between Sudan and the intrested people from all over the world, in this site you could find inxclusive information about: trade , Investment, Tourism, in addition to Business Directory.If you are looking for export/import Companies they are just a click.I hope that you will enjoy browsing it.

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Country Profile
Trade Sector
Business Directory
Tourism Sector.
Arabic Newspapers

Site contents

  1. Country Profile: Perspective of; Land, Area, Geography , Hisroty.
  2. Trade: (Foreign Trade, import,Export,Trade laws, Taxation & Customs)
  3. Business Directory listings of:(Export, Import and trading Companies.)
  4. Media: :External Information Secretriate, TV. Radio, Puplications, Suna, etc.,
  5. Investment Sector:(laws,opportunities.)
  6. Industrial Sector:
  7. Agriculture.(products,Products specifications, invest in agriculture feild)
  8. Tourism : Attractive areas, Vistor Guide.

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